Aisha Buhari Proves Fayose Right


Mrs Aisha Buhari has dashed the hopes of Nigerians who believed in her, by cancelling her long awaited trip to the United State.

The Wife of the President, Aisha Buhari has cancelled her scheduled trip to the United States of America for the World First Ladies Conference holding at Colorado, reports NewsDay.
Nigerians had expected that Aisha Buhari would have used the opportunity of the visit to put to rest the controversies surrounding her name in the Halliburton bribery scandal.

Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State had earlier dragged in the name of Mrs Aisha Buhari into the Halliburton scandal, claiming she was the Aisha Buhari mentioned in the case. The presidency did not take this accusation lightly as Fayose was later referred to as a “Mad dog” “A child seeking attention” and the wife of the president also gave him an ultimatum to retract the accusation but Fayose stood to his words. The Drama took a funny twist when the passport of Aisha Buhari a U.S based business woman was accused to be the culprit flooded the Media but the U.S Aisha Buhari denied the allegation, claiming she can’t be working freely in the U.S if she was involved in such scandal.She expressed her disappointment at the manner in which Nigeria dragged her name to the moud, using her missing passport in an attempt to hide their misdeeds.
This Drama kept Nigeria on a stand still as people became confused of what the real truth is. Fayose as usual, dared Mrs Aisha Buahri the wife of The President to travel to the United Stated, claiming that she has been avoiding the United States because of her alleged involvement in the scandal, reports News 24.

Rather than attend the conference to put a padlock to Fayose accusation, the President’s wife has opted to perform the lesser hajj in Saudi Arabia. According to The media director in the Office of the Wife of the President, Zakari Nadabo, Aisha Buhari will no longer be attending the conference. however, did not give any reason for Aisha Buhari’s decision.

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