Niger Delta Avengers and The Biafran connection


It’s been less than a year since the Nigerian military’s offensive against Boko haram pushed the world’s deadliest terror group to the defensive and another enemy to our national security has risen its head in the creeks of the
Niger Delta.

This group is Known as the Niger Delta Avengers, the group has wedged and economic war against the federal government by blowing up oil installations in the oil-rich Niger Delta region.

Their bombing activities have crippled the nation’s oil industry — forcing oil companies to close shop while Nigeria’s crude oil output hits a nearly 3 decade low.

And thanks to their sabotage, global oil prices have risen in the last couple of weeks because of Nigeria’s deep in oil production.

It is however worrisome that top government functionaries including the Chief of Army Staff have come out to link the new militant group to IPOB and MASSOB without due investigations.

There is a popular saying that the enemy of my enemy is my friend and this kind of relationship is seen in Russia’s close ties with the likes of North Korea, Iran, China, Syria and other countries who have bilateral issues with America.

It is no news that IPOB, MASSOB and the Niger Delta Avengers all have their grudges against the Nigerian government and it won’t be out of place for them to show sympathy to each other since they’re all fighting against the same entity. Whether or not they’re working, this 3 groups will always show support to each other’s course.

Also, It is not out of place for them to unite against the central government but the rush with which the federal reached its conclusion is worrisome. Recently there was a shooting in a gay night club in Orlando, USA where the killer called 911 and pledged allegiance to ISIS. Even with his phone call, the US federal investigators are still investigating if it was a lone wolf attack or he had ties two the so called Islamic state terror organisation who have already claimed responsibility for the killings. . ..

Before we link the Avengers to the Agitation for the secession of Biafra, its wise to think twice and investigate if their claims of working together is true.

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