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Everybody’s favorite color is black, even if it’s not your favorite color it’s most people “go to guy” because you can never go wrong with black, same goes with nude colors, but recently it looks like grey is on top of the game now. Every body wants everything in grey now, down to their and phone color and even nails.


Will grey become more than a sweater, a pair of pants, or a coat in a look? Or will it be anALL-GREY thing, thus replacing what up to now used to be all-black and all-white outfits? Come to think of it, it kinda makes sense, it’s sort of a happy marriage between these 2 non colors. The result? A very very very elegant shade if you ask me, with a touch of cool, a bit of sadness, poised class, cold refinement.

What I actually love about this cool shade is the fact that being neutral, makes it go with anything. YES, even brown.

It looks fantastic with a pop of color, such as red, or even bright yellow, so I always think a grey sweater with jeans and red lips, is perfect for a casual chic Saturday. All grey outfits look amazing with red nails, red lips or red shoes.


There is something incredibly refined about this color, and the minimal effect is has makes it very easy to play the posh card and play with rich small details that give you sort of a luxurious yet minimal air to the whole look. I LOVE that. It’s effortless. Crispy but soft, rich but understated.

OR it can be grungy why not, when worn in simple tees, ripped jeans and a black leather jacket. You end up looking like those rebel cool girls on music posters. Add a a red lip to it and people will stop you for autographs.


However you choose to wear grey, whether as an all-grey-look or just a grey item in your outfit, go for it. It’s apparently not only trendy, but also very easy to match, to style, and to rock. It’s classy and chic!

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