Is relaxer really good for your hair?

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An African proverb states that “A woman’s hair is her crown” this ideology has been imbibed into the African woman that she craves sometimes even unconsciously to make sure her hair is perfect, at least to her own standard of view, or as much as she can afford. It is so important to her that
she doesn’t care going hungry just to make it look nice.

The natural Afro- textured hair is wooly and never straight. It is popularly known as “kinky” and
most African women won’t mind paying for any substance
that will straighten their hair.

The alpha helix and disulphide
bonds of the African hair are quite strong — which explains
the shortness and toughness of the African hair.

This strong bonds can however be softened using a hair straightening
product called RELAXER .

What is now known as hair
relaxers was accidentally discovered by African-American
tailor called Garrett Morgan in 1877. While doing his sewing
work, an alkaline chemical used to polish the needles of
sewing machines accidentally poured on him and resulted in
hair straightening.

The resultant products of that discovery
are found in the shelves of most African cosmetic stores
and most women cannot straighten their hair without using
this products.

But the use of this product comes with
terrible sides effect that most women are unaware of. The
use of Relaxers (whether lye or non lye) have been linked to
many health conditions such as Itchy saclp, texture change,
hair re-growth problems, scalp damage, hair damage.
Others are cancer, heart diseases, reproductive problems,
hormonal imbalance, early puberty and fibroids.

The need for African women to have straight hair can not be over
emphasised but the health risks that comes with it are

It is beneficial to go natural with chemical-free
or natural hair styles that doesn’t require the use of
chemical relaxers.

As alternatives to hairstyles require the
use of relaxers — hair extensions, wigs, plaits, hair braids,
dreadlocks and falls are encouraged because they do not
require the use of chemical relaxers .

And where the use of
chemical relaxers can not be totally avoided, organic hair
straightening products is advised.

So Dear African woman,
Be beautiful,
Avoid chemical hair relaxers as much as you can- stay natural.
Then you will reap health benefits that comes with it.

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