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Having kids can be a really tough decision for some people. It’s one thing having children and another raising them. We all think babies are so cute and adorable till we actually have one. Let’s start with the pregnancy stage we have to go through. Babies just don’t drop from heaven or in a lab somewhere (well sometimes). You actually have to go through 9 months of heaving your heavy self around, morning sickness, constant mood swings, and let’s not forget getting FAT!

So finally you have your baby and you think the hard work is over; but it’s only just the begining. The nightmare of screaming fits, diaper change, runny noses, wars over bedtimes and homework and clothes begins. And it all comes in different stages.

To say nothing of bills too numerous to list. Some economists have argued that having kids is an economically silly investement. There’s no end to the cost, they literally take everything from you.

It’s always more difficult with the first child, your life will be totally turned around and forced to revolve around your child. Your social life drops a considerate amount because you have to spend time with your kid. It’s an endless battle of sacrifices.

And yet people ask, why do we have kids??? Truth is even though the “joy of motherhood” is over rated, it’s still the most amazing feeling ever. No matter how little you slept last night because of your child, the next morning when she smiles at you; everything is forgotten. They literally light up your world. Imagine if every adult decided not to have kids, who would be the future of our tomorrow.

This same “economically silly investement” will take care of you in your old age. And then maybe it will be worth it…

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