Orange The Lady Boss.


“It’s my consistent alarm again, Mtchew….” She hissed

After much hesitation, she sluggishly took a glance towards it.

“Oh my Gosh!” She shouted,

It’s 7:32am already
It’s obvious the clock had rang before. Hastily, she took her sleepy self to the bathroom, took her bath and as usual her daily-confused -dressing routine began.

She resisted the temptation to gaze at the mirror because it would certainly place the fact about herself to her which she’s sure she hates and doesn’t want to see.

So she said to to herself …..

“Teju,  it’s early Monday morning and you will be positive!”

After the whole process of wear and change she remarked,

“Finally! Finally! I have the right one, my designers printed skirt, it has the magic to cage my skinny legs and make everyone else call me T-babe, because that’s all they know about me and usually, Nigerian’s ever self- classification remains stereotyped to what you let them see about you”

Laughing out loud, she whispers
” I’ve got them all on this”.

Oh no! She brings out her makeup box, of course, her makeup ritual is next, it normally would last for an hour or even more..

“I know I’m late but I must mask everything appropriately  it is better than wagging tongues you know.
See, sometimes I wish i could just be my old self and avoid some protocols but I can’t, I have to feed everyone with this usual ‘Every is fine facade’ and make sure they eat it because it’s cheaper for me”

(Singing- my make up, my everything……)

For sure, consistency has made her a makeup genius as she can comfortably conceal the baggy eyes, her red-glossy lipstick is ready to distract your wandering eyes from her obvious scanty hair, her huge accessories that can mask her erect neck bone which daily is running out of flesh and should someone ask,

” Teju, you weight loss is alarming, is it conscious?”

She will reply with a broad smile;

” sure, my gym instructor is putting me through some hard work out so I can get my desired body size ”

even though she’s never been to a gym house before.

So she continued,

” Oh Teju! It’s 9:13am and your boss would be mad at you,but I’ll appease him as long as Kate and her gossip chain don’t see my real face, I just can afford to let them know I have cancer and that I’m dying, they will make caricature of me, I just can’t let anyone into that door yet”

Dr Ola told her at the hospital that due to the late detection she has barely a year to live.

He said ” Miss Teju I must say the truth and I want you to take it lightly since you insist you have no one to come here with you, YOU HAVE CHRONIC MYELOGENOUS LEUKEMIA ”

whatever that meant she cares less, all she sure about is that she’s been sentenced to death like a prisoner.
And she knows she can’t live on people’s sympathy.

So she took a final glance, smiled at her reflection and said  “perfect lie, take a look at Teju, Miss popular, Most beautiful, Miss intelligence,wasting at every taken breath.
Oh my poor mother,
my kid brother,who had to wait for me to get through with school so we could afford his tuition fee,
the orphanage I set up last year,
The books I’ve been writing,
the awards I have won all through my life, the sexual innocence I persevered with all my strength for my assumed hubby-to-be, why must it be me ?
Kini mo se? ”

she said with a few drops falling from the lips of her eyes.

Suddenly she snapped out and voiced out,

“No Tejumade, you have to remain positive and use your last life time to impact lives, many eyes are you and remember, YOU ARE THE BOSS LADY”.
Finally she fixed my tooth- pick -like legs into a blue flat- soled shoes,
heels would have been appropriate but they are risky for her shaky legs. Her drugs she picked up even though she seen no improvement in recent times.

Off, the BOSS LADY hits the road with that killer smile,

” TAXI!”


Many people you see out there are going through a lot that you are unaware of because they think it’s better when kept private.

But Situations don’t matter,Your attitude does. Remain positive regardless and be kind to everyone you meet.

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Mercy Asiegbu is a creative writer, astute thinker and an imaginative-clarify content writer, utilizing every possible form of writing to educate, inform, entertain and present life by Original Design. Follow me on Twitter @bluenaza and on Facebook- Asiegbu Chinaza Mercy.

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