How to make ends meet while unemployed


The parading of “unemployment and the Nigerian graduates” is old news and has been accepted as a fact especially to realist. Even students know before they graduate that they will have to join the long queue of unemployed fellas and wait till luck shines on them.

This is absolutely factual and every Nigerian can relate easily to this.

But there’s this new side of it which is the Massive sack looms in well- known firms in Nigeria.

They say it’s ” renewed drive for optimal performance ” that is facade I see….

Plainly it is ” we can no longer pay people, we are getting bankrupt due to the current economic hardship in Nigeria ” so they relieve employees of their jobs in alarming rates.

The figures keeps rising, making headlines on news papers such as that of EcoBank Nigeria which dropped about 1,040 employees, Zenith Bank, Guinness, Shell, Chevron, Etisalat Nigeria etc, all pruning their employees in a thousand figures.

The Resolution falls back at the feet of Self- Employment through skill acquisitions and natural talents.

Skill acquisition is the ability to get trained and equipped on a particular function and then due experience, become an expert in it.

A skilled person, self employed will never get sacked, and can survive in any environment and this reduces the rate of corruption in the society, reduce poverty and increase self- independence.

You can acquire a skill in line with your passion and talents such as Hair dressing, fashion Designing, catering services, hotel management, etc

There are so many of them, all you need to do is to provide what people need in environment and that’s how it begins.

Enrol in a Entrepreneurship training Today, empower yourself and add value to your society because systems are already cascading.

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