Facts about cancer you should know!!


Cancer is a board term for a class of diseases characterized by abnormal cells growth that interrupts the function of the normal healthy cells in the body.

Cancer figures among the leading causes of morbidity and mortality occurrences world-wide with approximately 14 million new cases and 8.2 million Cancer related death as at 2012.

There are different types of cancer such as Leukemia, lung cancer, bladder cancer, breast cancer etc….

Breast cancer starts in the cells of the breast, it occurs when malignant tumors develop in the breast, these cells can spread by breaking away from the original tumor and entering blood vessels or lymph vessels which branch into tissues throughout the body.

Breast cancer is absolutely common in both developed and none developed countries . In fact statistics estimates that 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed of breast cancer in their life time.

It is there by important that one should have basic knowledge about Breast Anatomy to help detect symptoms or changes immediately they occur.

Here are some fact about cancer everyone should know.

1) There is a myth that only women can develop breast cancer.Men can also develop cancer although it is rarely diagnosed when juxtaposed with that of the women. A man lifetime risk of breast cancer is about 1 in 1000.

2) A lump isn’t always cancer.

3) Research suggest breastfeeding for a year or more would slightly reduce the risk of developing cancer. (This goes to mothers who don’t breastfeed their babies).

4)High intake of Alcohol exposes one to the risk of developing cancer.

5) Obese Women are at twice the risk of developing cancer than slim women.

6) According to Leslie Bernstein, Ph.D, director of cancer etiology at city of Hope, Exercises reduce breast cancer risk for all body type.

7) A new growth in the same breast or the other is likely to developed after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Finally Breast cancer is not a death sentence especially when its detected in it’s early stage, when there is an increased knowledge and understanding of breast cancer and when a specialist is involved.

I believe there’s hope even after i lost a sister to breast cancer, i also believe that awareness and better treatment mean that survival rates would increased.

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