Why Skin Bleaching Should Never Be An Option


Having a light skin is extremely trendy and most dark-skinned people would want a lighter skin for an exchange.

Many Dark Females folks are in quest of “which lightening products (as they would call it) would be more effective?”
so as to feel better about themselves and gain admiration from people.

Every lightening product contains toxic substances such as Mercury, Hydroquinone etc.

Mercury is a chemical element discovered in Egyptian tombs and is used to make thermometers and some other scientific instruments

While Hydroquinone on the other hand is a chemical used by photographic developers for film and paper photographs.

Both chemicals are highly poisonous to the body.

In 2006, the United States’ Food and Drug Administration revoked the use of these substances and laid a ban on over-the-counter preparations due to their effects on people.

These bleaching products tends to react with ultraviolet rays leading to skin pigmentation disorder and fast ageing.

So, the more bleaching products used, the more the Melanocytes (cells in charge of the stimulation of the hormone- Melanin which is responsible for the hair,eyes and skin colour) are damaged.

Other long-term effects of Skin bleaching includes autoimmunity issues, Liver and kidney diseases normally caused by Mercury, High blood pressure, reproduction of kids with damaged brains, Cancer- which is as a result of the direct contact of sun rays and the skin, other skin diseases.

Bleaching is like setting your body on fire, just to enjoy people’s comments of the lights from your burning.

I don’t think the lighter-skin is worth the risks!

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