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FASHION is ever changing and evolving. It doesn’t stay static and so, what is “hot” and “trendy” this month, may suddenly become old-fashioned the very next month. Recently the babariga trend has returned with full force, and in an even better look than in the latter days. If you’re familiar with the term “Yoruba demons” then you’ll totally understand why this trend is rather HOT!

The popular babariga also known as Agbada in the south west and the north, was basically known for the Yoruba boys, or as a yoruba fashion. This trend was ignited once again by the one and only Noble Igwe, the stylist was seen on different occasions with different styles of babariga in events and on instagram.

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The public quickly took notice of the trend and everybody went on a rampage. Surprisingly even the ladies couldn’t resist the look; women have started wearing agbada and the likes of it. The babariga is normally a style for guys but now both men and women pull this off. And the outcome is amazing.

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Over the years, the babariga has acquired different styles, purpose and names depending on the culture. They are made with Ankara, damask, satin, linen or brocade; they can also be embroidered or left plain depending on your choice. The sleeves may be either long or elbow length, it can also reach the ankle in length or slightly below the knee depending on personal style.

They can be dressed up for special occasions with the right shoes and complimentary accessories for men, like shades, wrist watches, long chains or beads depending on the occasion. Complete your look with matching trousers and leather moccasins, loafers, leather sandals or brogues.

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