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Turns out, some of the fittest women have a whole lot in common. Here are some tricks and guideline they follow to attain their fit and healthy lives. Their secrets are yours to take…

1. They exercise on most days, but they mix it up.

Most people that work out, pace themselves, they work out five to six times in a week, alternating between different resistance training, running, and yoga or dance cardio. No two days are even the same. And on days they don’t work out, they let their body grow.

2. They are thoughtful about their meals.

If you ask just about any fit woman, she’ll tell you the key to her success is preparation. They stock up their shelves with snacks and all types of healthy meals. “I always have sweet potatoes, avocados, lemon, pineapple,kale,spinach,” says Tamara Pridgett a personal trainer. I can concoct a billion meals with them.

This is necessary because when working out, they burn a lot of calories and need to replenish them.

3. They eat a lot of protein.

Kira Strokes, certified trainer at BFX studio, throws back at least four hard-boiled eggs with hummus every day, on top of the protein smoothie she drinks within 30 minutes of every workout to help her body recover.

Protein helps to fend off food cravings.

4. They stick to high-fiber carbs.

5. They eat ASAP in the a.m

For Swan, within 10 minutes of opening her eyes, she downs a bottle of water, makes a cup of green tea with a teaspoon of coconut oil, and starts whipping up homemade pancakes made from a banana, two eggs whites, and gluten-free oats. They eat a lot in the mornings because they’ll be burning a lot of calories throughout the day.

6. They eat carbs before workouts and protein afterwards.

Before my workouts, I need carbs, “says Pridgett,who sometimes grabs a muffin on the fly because it’s light and doesn’t trigger nausea when she starts jumping around. Within 30 minutes after she stops sweating, she refuels with a snack or meal high in protein.

7. They only indulge in unhealthy foods when they’re out.

“To avoid going overboard, I try to keep things like candy and cupcakes out of my home. Out of   sight, out of mind, and not in the mouth”, says Pridgett.

8. They actually drink alcohol moderately (or not at all)

Alcohol contains a lot of ingredient that is not healthy to the body, most fit woman stay away     from it.

9. They work different body parts on different days.

They train different body parts each day, this strategy also promotes muscle recovery because it gives sore spots a chance to rest and prevent overtraining.

It also helps in knowing what you want to accomplish in order to save time.

10. They watch the clock during their workouts and waste no time.


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