President Muhammadu Buhari vows to arrest militancy activities in the Niger Delta region


Today makes it one year since this administration assumed office. President Muhammd Buhari in his statement stated that”It has been a year of triumph, consolidation, pains and achievements. By age, instinct and experience. We affirm our belief in democracy as the form of government that best assures the active participation and actual benefit of the people. Despite the many years of hardship and disappointment the people of this nation have proved inherently good, industrious tolerant, patient and generous”.
On Sunday President Muhammadu Buhari recounted on its success so far which has delivered a significant milestones on security, corruption and the economy especially how they EFCC has engaged in making recoveries of stolen assets some of which are in different jurisdictions. despite how tedious the processes of this recovery can be time consuming, and he vowed that his administration is determined to arrest resurgence in the activities of militancy in the Niger Delta region. In a bid to restore the region President Buhari states that, “We are committed to implementing the United Nations Environment Programme report and are advancing clean-up operations. I believe the way forward is to take a sustainable approach to address the issues that affect the delta communities. If the militants and vandals are testing our resolve, they are much mistaken. We shall apprehend the perpetrators and their sponsors and bring them to justice.” The President also declared that this government will engage leaders in the region in discussions with the aim of finding a lasting solution to the issue of militancy.
The recent spate of attacks by militants disrupting oil and power installations will not distract us from engaging leaders in the region in addressing Niger Delta problems. ”I believe the way forward is to take a sustainable approach to address the issues that affect the Delta communities.” However, he has warned that his government’s policy measures and actions taken so far are not to be seen as some experiment in governance. “We are fully aware that those vested interests who have held Nigeria back for so long will not give up without a fight. They will sow divisions, sponsor vile press criticisms at home and abroad, incite the public in an effort to create chaos rather than relinquish the vice-like grip they have held on Nigeria.” DAILY POST recalls the series of attacks launched on various pipelines especially those installed with Chevron Nigeria Limited and the Nigerian Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, been the most affected. so far in the past two weeks by the Niger Delta Avengers. which they claimed to be responsible for these attacks stating that they were fighting for the sovereignty of the region
In a nationwide broadcast to mark this year’s democracy day, the President has vowed to apprehend militants groups which had in the past few weeks launched several attacks on pipeline installations in the Niger Delta region.

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