People die often from kidney failure than malaria and HIV/Aids


Despite the enormity of sorrow this illness has caused many homes, the government seems to be doing nothing as victims are left to bear the cost all alone. Many families have lost their loved ones to kidney related illnesses in recent times because of sheer ignorance.
Before now, little was heard of kidney failure as a major kind of everyday illness but the reverse has become the case in Nigeria with the increasing cases of chronic kidney disease (CDK), and end-stage renal. As deadly as this menace is, available statistics on kidney diseases has remained scarce with no reliable statistics about the prevalence of chronic kidney disease (CKD) in the majority of African countries including Nigeria which has led to the death of a renowned Nollywood actor, Muna Obiekwe, who joined the long list of Nigerians who have lost the inglorious battle against kidney failure alongside some figures who succumb to the disease in the country such as the broadcaster, Steve Kadiri, former president, late Umaru Musa Yar’adua, Inspiration FM presenter Chaz B, movie actor, Enebeli Elebuwa and singer, Mozzyx with only a few survival. Medical experts have revealed that more people die every day from kidney related diseases than malaria and HIV/AIDS in Nigeria.
CAUSES: kidney diseases as multifarious and environmental in nature with hypertension and diabetes as the most common causes of chronic kidney diseases in Nigeria and Africa at large. Also, chronic nomenoproverties in this condition kidneys are found to have lost function continuously for a period of over three months. Lost function means that is not being able to practicaly carry out physiological functions vis-a-vis clearing waste products, producing blood in the body, producing vitamins like calcium, clearing excess water out of the body. So when kidney fails to do all that continuously for more than three months that is a chronic kidney damage disease in that entity. There are some that are also related to gene, a condition called polysisty chronic diseases which have the condition of swollen like in the kidney and is a situation that is genetic. Some are also related to drugs, may be if patients have used analgesics continuously for more than two years, taken close to 1gm daily can cause kidney damage. Some other remedies taken in our local environment like herbs constitutes risk of kidney disease. So basically, drugs, genetics, hypertension, diabetics, reoccurent infections of the kidney, infection taken months to year and not well treated can also cause chronic kidney damage. Alcohol and smoking are indirectly linked to causing kidney disease. Few cases of those who have sickle cell diseases, HIV, infections like hyperthesis B, C are also linked to kidney damage. Also, severe malaria can cause acute kidney failure especially in children.
kidney conditions prevalence cut across all ages, all races but the extent of affectation differs. “It is really so heartrending that a lot of our young individuals have come out with chronic kidney diseases these days. This is with the rate of incidents at which we see most of our patients coming out with hypertension now which like I said is the commonest cause of chronic kidney disease.
SYMPTOMS: Weaknesses which is as a result of low blood, that is one of the things kidney disease causes because the blood tests reduces and you become weak and tired. Anourazia you don’t like eating, you have nausea, vomiting, subsequently, hiccup may persist and early morning facial swollen. Also, the legs can be swollen and one won’t be able to move around and the level of urine also drops. If this goes on with weaknesses and body edema and you know that you are hypertensive or diabetic those are two commonest causes, you need to see your doctor. And also notice apart from urinating, the quality of the urine sometime could hardly fill a bottle of mineral bottle per void and where your urine foams excessively, you need to take note that there is problem because these are signs of kidney diseases. Foaming urine shows you are losing protein in blood which shouldn’t be, the protein should be kept in your body tissue and all that. So, when you notice all these you should approach your doctor for examination or diagnosis.

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