Nigeria’s University System Without The Mask


It’s is obvious that Nigeria’s greatest challenge is Corruption, and it’s no longer strange to juxtapose Nigeria for corruption.

International transparency as I love to tag it deemed Nigeria one of the most corrupt nations in the world. British Prime minister, David Cameron recently remarked Nigeria as “fantastically corrupt” which is sincere enough.

Corruption is like a snowball, once it starts rolling it gets bigger. This premise can be likened to Nigeria’s reoccurring situation, even at the dawn of new regimes .

Every government starting from Sani Abacha to the incumbent government have failed in their so called fight against corruption and instead increased the widespread of it’s embers in every system in the country.

Directing this down to Nigeria’s  university system, it wouldn’t be a fallacy to state that decadence rule. And is increasing daily at alarming rate.

Accordingly to statistics, over 34% of student in state universities actually gained admission into these institutions illegally, which is popularly known as “Faculty admission “, since they couldn’t score up to the required marks for their entrance they tend to manipulate fake  JAMB UTME(Joint  Admission & Matriculation Board) results as well as Post UTME scores to acquire admission by paying huge amounts of money to Lectures.And Since everyone in Nigeria is money- hunting due to delayed payments of salaries, other economic issues and greed, most Lecturers don’t mind selling off legitimate admissions to people who can pay well.

In addition most Lecturers are fraudulent and would makes students pay them for better grades while some other students, especially ladies are sexually harassed.

Some students even go as far as bribing school administrators in order to have their fake exam result forwarded to  NYSC (National Youth Service Corp).

These and even more are activities that go on in most Nigeria’s universities.Therefore Nigeria’s future is under a great threat, our future leader are even exposed to corruption in the tender and innocent stages of their lives which is tantamount to a situational worse future for Nigeria.

Corruption is systemic in Nigeria and should be dealt with but I see that of the Educational system more pressing. In order to stop and prevent the cankerworms from eating up the  Nigeria’s universities system, Government should create and empower more law regulating bodies internally and externally to help  serve as watchdogs. As well as enforcing Anti-corruption laws in all universities in Nigeria.

   Secondly, Integrity should be encouraged by penalizing defaulters, such as relieving Lecturers caught in illegal activities and expelling students involved. This is important to serve as warnings to others.

Also, corruption tends to see thrive more in systems where wages are delayed and inconsistent, therefore payment of salaries should be taken seriously by the government.

  The Joint Admission Matriculation Board should be strengthened, more workers should be employed so there would be an eye to nose check on admissions and if possible a firm Link should be created between JAMB and NYSC.

Nigeria would be better if the foundation of transparency and integrity ate built in our systems.

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