NLC: Conducted Strike Action


The Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) general strike actions against increase in fuel prices has been a major issue which has lingered on over the years.
Fuel scarcity in Nigeria continues to break record in the history of excruciating discomfort caused by the unavailability of premium motor spirit across the country. This scarcity has actually become the second nature to Nigeria and its population just as it did in Europe in 2002 beginning from France.
France experienced its dark days of fuel protest which didn’t only collapse its economy but resulted to the increase in fuel price $130 (83.40 euros, € 65.80) per barrel. The cost of diesel also increased by 300% in five years as well and this alone set the workers and masses into a protest that spread like fire across Europe as thousands of fishermen, farmers, drivers etc in spain, britain, spain etc joined to ensure the fuel price is reverted back. According to Luis Rodriguez zepetero ” The continuous protest will only send us to the cemetery as the entire Spanish coast is at a halt”
Constantly, The Nigerian Government have refused to understand that fuel strikes are not evitable but can be reduced if the proper thing are in place to ensure that fuel is not scares, if the economy is running, refineries working, technology improved, electricity stable and corruption crimpled then strikes will become issues of past but like Karl Marx says ” History always repeats itself, first as a tragedy then as a farce. Historically there has been no government tenure in which strikes have not been held infact in Nigeria fuel price increase tends to repeat itself although not exactly in the same script but almost the same drama. first it starts with rumours of the impending increases, then follows the same old stories of hoe the NNPC and the nation is about to die due to subsidy on fuel, everyone then kicks against it and then the highest decision making bodies, the senate and house of representatives are all against the increase. They claim that there are motions against increment and the labour leaders are against it. After this the price breaks loose and the lives of the masses further worsens as pain is intensified. This has been the continous drama in over 10 times Nigeria has been faced with general strikes under the various government tenures especially that of 1990 under President Gen Ibrahim Babangida in which fuel at 60K was increased by 300%.
Today we still have the same old stories and drama, However, Nigeria has reached a historical cross road as unlike before Nigeria now has a divided Nigeria Labour Congress, a divided Nation with divided officials in a divided state as seen from the first day of the proposed fuel strike of the Nigeria Labour Congress where by some states adhered to the proposed strike while in some state they went about there daily activity unlike Lagos State where some officials adhered to the NLC and stated home while in some other part of Lagos it was business as usual..

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