Nigeria’s Political Crisis: The legacy Of A Failed PDP Election Bid.

President Buhari's white house visit
President Buhari's white house visit

Thomas Jefferson said “ People deserve the government they get”.

Nigerian economy registered its lowest GDP growth rate since the quarterly data is being released,  this is mostly due to the decline in oil production and prices.

President Buhari, has made headlines on Fight against Corruption, to Promise to end Boku haram by December 2015 and very many issues ranging from treatment of Nigerian Nationals imprisoned abroad,  delays in appointing government Ministers,  background of the Appointed Ministers, to most notable Failure to present and pass the 2016 budget months into the Fiscal year.

President Muhammadu Buhari.

President Muhammadu Buhari.

President Buhari campaigned to end corruption, with no vision set to support growth in the economy, or improve education or health or different sectors of the economy and a promise to end Boku haram by December 2015.

My Favourite remark, was the president’s comment, linking climate change to the rise of Boko Haram.  This was made during the 2015 United Nation Climate Change Conference in Paris, that exposes the presidents vision and strategy or the lack of understanding,  clarity and actions in dealing with  Boku Haram.

Arguably, President Buhari has made more negative headline in a year, than all the democratic Presidents combined.  The question in every Nigerian’s mind is, would things get better? Will the price and scarcity of petrol get resolved?  What are the update in the fight on corruption?

It’s important to reflect on how APC fair’s in the states, the APC Governor of Imo State Rochas Okorocha,  made headlines by complaining, there’s no money Left in the state coffers after handing over to himself,  contracts on roads works left half done, resignations and strikes in the medical school and over three months of unpaid wages and Strikes in civil service.

PDP appears to be in a limbo, Since their humiliating defeat in the last election,  and is still looking to find unity and focus has not been an effective opposition.

Transparency & Accountability is said to be the foundation in addressing corruption, many are optimistic about the future.  Crude Oil prices will go up at some day, however without a Vision that enhances and addresses every issue, from transport, policing, Legal, education as well as corruption it’s difficult to imagine so.

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