Being fashion-forward can take some serious shopping and spending, and most average people cannot afford to wear designers and slay like beyonce; but that doesn’t mean there’s no alternative. Now you can pump up your wardrobe for free. It’s all about what you wear and how you wear it.

The thing about clothes is really all about confidence and how you piece them together. You can create a stylish causal look with your white tees, an old high waist jean and then lots of necklaces with different lengths. All the elements comes together to create a new look without been over the top or outdated.

A little piece of culture never hurt nobody, your Ankara tops with a pair of jeans, slacks or a pencil skirt with heels or chunky wedges, will give just the right dosage of native chic.


Next, dig out your cardigans,especially when the weather is cool. A huge cardigan and a high-waisted jeans and sneakers are life savers. It’ll give you an old school look, but we all know “old school is the new, new school”. Add a pair of geeky glasses and you’re good to go



You can never go wrong with the “LBD’’ (little black dress). It’s p

.erfect for dinner dates or parties. You can make them causal by putting on sneakers instead of heels and a huge denim jacket or a kimono.


Your basic white tank top can be paired with almost anything. A pair of high-waisted jeans shorts and a huge jacket with vintage looking neck pieces will give you a retro-chic look, or you can go with a skater skirt and flats for a more preppy look.

Let’s not forget the chiffon shirts; everyone has one of those especially in the obvious colors; white and black. You can pair them with your boyfriend jeans with oxford shoes for a causal look. You can also go with a high-waisted jeans and pointy heels for a classier look.

The key to making any of these looks work is knowing how far to push the button. Use totally different and contrasting styles and decide how you can combine them to create a whole new look for yourself. Focus on your personality and what you like about different styles. Are you a rocker who loves jeans or a prep who loves black?

Find something that you’re comfortable in and make it your own.

photos: culled from instagram

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