WHO Declares Guinea Ebola Free

The Ebola outbreak killed almost 4,000 people in Sierra Leone.

Guinea recorded some 2,500 deaths during the Ebola outbreak.

Guinea recorded some 2,500 deaths during the Ebola outbreak.

The UN’s health agency on Tuesday declared Guinea’s Ebola outbreak over two years after it emerged. The former French colony was the host for “patient zero”- an infant who became the first victim- and health authorities went on to record some 2,500 deaths. “Today the World Health Organisation (WHO) declares the end of Ebola Virus transmission in the Republic of Guinea,” the UN agency said in a statement in Geneva. The fever spread stealthily and terrifyingly from December 2013, striking two neighbouring countries, Sierra Leone and Liberia, with sporadic cases also in Mali, Nigeria and Senegal. Around 11,300 people died out of almost 29,000 recorded cases. The last known case in Guinea was a three-month-old named Nubia, who was born  with the disease but who’s recovery was confirmed on November 16. That triggered the countdown to the announcement, as a period of 42 days- twice the virus’s maximum incubation period- is required to declare a country free of transmission. 

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