“Martial, a man after my heart”…LVG heaps praise on teenage striker.

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Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal must be glowing with glee and awesome pride each time he hears the name “Anthony Martial”. The Dutchman can huff and puff with such arrogance that will make the French grow green.

It is no mere fact that Martial is the hottest striker in the English Premier League at the moment, the teenage sensation is proving every bit of the £36million spent on him, an amount that made him the most expensive teenager in transfer history.

LVG has been heaping praise on the striker at every slight opportunity, the Red Devils manager made known to pressmen that Anthony Martial has many qualities and above all ‘he is very coachable’ after the French teenager’s exhilarating start to life in the Premier League.

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“He is an open guy, he is listening, watching and he is focusing on the matches so that I can see so for a manager he is a very coachable player and that is also why I like him and I bought him,” he said.

Van Gaal also revealed that Martial is still settling into life in his new environment, particularly as the player and his young family are still living in temporary accommodation.

“He is still living in a hotel so he is in the first phase of his adaptation, also for his wife and his kid,” Van Gaal said.

“That is also important because that shall have an influence also.

“We shall have to see how he settles into an apartment. Then his wife is alone with his kid. Then he is coming back. Then he has to do shopping or something like that.

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“Now he is only living in a hotel, coming to the training session and eating with the players, train and prepare for matches.

“The big step is when he settles himself and his wife in a new environment.”

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