Juliet Ibrahim: Actress Believes Ghanaian Men Are Not On Her Level, She’ll Rather Marry White Men


Ghanaian film producer, Juliet Ibrahim reveals she has lost interest in marrying a Ghanaian man, due in part to her failed marriage with ex-husband, Kwadwo Safo.

The couple got married in 2010 and divorced in 2013 with a child inbetween them.

The award winning actress of Lebanese, Liberian and Ghanaian descent says that she cannot deal with living with African men because of their African mentality, which according to her, holds them back from dating a public figure.

“Friends of these men even jump into the equation—hastily labeling all actresses as wh*res based on what they’ve read online. And some of the men I have met actually get cold feet because of such unfounded speculations,” the actress said.

The actress cum singer emphasised that she is not against dating a black man as “it’s not the colour of a man’s skin” she has a problem with but his mind.

She stressed on finding someone who understands her career and lifestyle.

“For me it’s not about the colour of a man’s skin but his mind. The reason why I think a white man will work for me is because their mentality fits my lifestyle and my career but if I meet a black man who sits well with my wants and expectations, I will jump for it.”

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