DSS: Bokoharam In Enugu, Lagos

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The Department of State Services has announced that Bokoharam suspects have been arrested in Lagos state and Enugu. A shocking revelation that has kept the security forces in these states on their toes as the areas are not known for terrorist attacks.

One of the suspects was interrogated and according to the DSS, “Shuaibu(the suspect) revealed that he had participated in several Boko Haram attacks, including the attacks at Gwoza Divisional Police Station in 2014.

“He admitted to being the leader of the team of nine sect members that was dispatched from Sambisa Forest to carry out the attacks. He disclosed that four out of the nine of them were used as suicide bombers in executing all the (suicide) attacks.

“Nigerians and indeed the general public have to note that the arrest of Shuaibu, aka Money, and the core members of his cell, stemmed the spate of bombings by the extremist sect. It will be recalled that Money and his group were arrested on their way to Bauchi State where they had planned to execute another bomb attack, and this was frustrated by the arrest.

“The sudden influx of Boko Haram members into Lagos State points is due to the determination of the sect to extend its nefarious terrorist activities to the state and in fact, to other parts of the country.

“The arrest of these confessed terrorists has, however, helped in no small measure to avert devastating attacks in the area. However, the service is making efforts to conclude its investigations and commence prosecution of the suspects.”

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