Chris Brown blasts babymama for saying he’s irresponsible ‎while her BF Is a Wanted Man!!


Chris Brown is confronting his baby mama and accusing her of being a hypocrite.

According to TMZ, Chris found out Nia’s BF and Royalty’s wannabe Dada is wanted for forgery and she claims being around CB isn’t safe!

Chris started blasting Nia Guzman after a Houston TV station reported King Ba is wanted by the cops ‎for forging more than $5,000 worth of U.S. Treasury checks, and police released bank surveillance footage of him.

Chris immediately responded to the news, taking to Instagram to write, “Funny how I work a legit job and love my daughter to the fullest and I’m in her life. Well, if it ain’t the pot calling the kettle black.”

Now, Nia is claiming to have distanced herself from King Ba … telling Chris that she’s single and no longer lives in Houston.‎

TMZ reports, for once, following Nia’s suit ‘to limit Chris to supervised visits‎ with Royalty’ on grounds of irresponsibility, Chris finally feels got high ground to stand on for this battle, ‎as he told Nia, “#goddontlikeugly”

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