NUJ Calls For Salary Increase


The President of the Nigerian Union of Journalist, Waheed Odusile has called on the President of Nigeria to look into the salary of the media and restructure it.

“What we want from the government is a kind of enhancing the salary of journalists; let it start first with our members and colleagues in government media because the bulk of members are government employees.

“We do not like the way our members are being treated like other civil servants in the country; you and I know that journalists work round the clock; let the salary and other benefits go in line with the nature of the job we do.

“Let the benefits reflect the work we are doing; if other professions are recognised, journalism should also be recognised in this country.

“Well, once we achieve better pay for journalist in the government media, we will move on to negotiate with the private media owners because we are doing a lot for national development.

“In this process, we are not going to relent on negotiating with the government to achieve our goals.

“On the issue of fake journalists, I think, we need law that can wipe them out; we want every fake journalist arrested to be punished according to the law.

“There should also be a law protecting journalism in this country; journalism as a profession should be reorganised and protected.”

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