Bauchi : 72 Cars Recovered From Ex-government Officials

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Government officials of the previous government in Bauchi state appear to have left office without leaving behind properties attached to the office.

The state governor, Mohammed Abubakar, has taken it upon himself to retrieve and recover a total of 72 Cars belonging to the government, from these officials.

“Ours was the first state to set up a committee with a retired air force general to recover property of government that were taken away by officials of the former regime.

“And in terms of vehicles, we have recovered 72 earlier taken away from the government.

“We have recovered quite a number of generators. At a point, 60 generators were bought by the former government and they distributed them to their friends, associates and I ordered for the retrieval of all them.

“I have on the onset from my maiden speech declared zero tolerance to corruption and that is the way we are going,”He said.

The governor further sized the moment to comment on the bailout, “My state was part of the states that got the bailout. I inherited five months of unpaid salaries, I inherited N14 billion gratuities unpaid between local governments and the state, and therefore I am one of the states that have applied to be assisted by the Federal Government of Nigeria.

“We are awaiting the finalisation of whatever will come. But I have kept faith with the civil service since I have taken over from the meager resources we have been generating and I have been paying salaries.”

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