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The President of Nigeria , Muhammadu Buhari dispossessed yet another public office holder of his job and yet again people cried fowl. I say, good riddance . During the week the National Immigration Service boss was laid off by the president and replaced temporarily by his deputy.

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A decision believed to have been reached due to the gaping security and immigration policies in the sector. Most prominent or need I say notoriously publicized, of which is the ISIS leader who was granted a visa to the country. With that exposure , it had become obvious that the country’s immigration policy was way too porous.


This is just one of many cases that the president has stepped in to relief a man off his job according to the deplorable state of the respective sector involved. The list is endless, but another example worthy of note is the case of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, NNPC, sector that experienced an almost total overhaul of its leaders.


However, the president hasn’t just stopped in laying off departmental heads, in his bid. To give the country a face lift, he has also embarked upon setting up institutions to serve as dragnets in raking in and bringing to justice all suspected of looting the nations treasury in past governments.

Just recently, President Buhari instituted a panel across all states of the country to be headed by judges -credible judges-. These panels will be used to bring justice to all who have bitten more than they should have of the national cake. And then , the controversy arises, “Will the president be bold enough to indict even members of his own party?” Those who did the needful to bring him into office? To that, he response was a resounding YES. According to Buhari, he is all out to mete out justice to any and everyone.

Meanwhile, 28 permanent secretaries in the country have been added to the ICPC corruption watch list, assets of some other public servants, confiscated. The fight against corruption is evidently a fierce one and predictably going to be a protracted one too.


In other happenings, somewhere in the eastern state of Enugu , two masquerades were arrested for allegedly stealing the sum of 53,000 naira from a motorbike passenger plying the Nsukka-Obolloafor road. The masquerades were said to have created a road block and extorted money from passers by . The issue was brought to the attention of the Public Relations officer of Enugu state police, Mr Ebere Amarizu , who said that masquerades had no right whatsoever to create roadblocks and make forced extortions from people. The case is under investigation as the masquerades still claim not to have made away with the said amount.

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Finally , as Buhari had promised, that in a matter of weeks, justices would be served hot, we anticipate what the new week brings , be ready for a total breakdown and analysis of the topics making rounds on the weekly news, right here on the calabash, same time next week.

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