Manchester United and Neymar’s bid speculation, what really happened in Spain?


It usually starts as a rumour, then it lingers, and lingers on still, till it fizzles out or becomes reality. The rule of the transfer market is to hold every news that filters in with a frail touch.

It could be a mere speculation by agents to promote thier clients, so one don’t really need to digest every news the transfer market spills out until it’s confirmed and such player unveiled and debuts.

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One thing with players is that their interest seem to be very fickle, they can switch with ease and in a twinkling of an eye, some can renounce loyalty minutes after shaking the hands of the previous manager, Fabian Delph is a living witness.

Some switch interest on arriving at the airport for medicals as in the case of Robinho and Chelsea, there are many instances to pick from. But Manchester United’s bid for Barcelona’s Neymar is a news that woke me up from sleep the moment it tweeted on my device. I just couldn’t fathom the possibility of such move. Is this a rumour or what?

Up until this moment, the news is trending, but thats not the disturbing part of it all, the part that beats me is LVG stating that “Pedro was never the main priority, Neymar was, hence the need to let go of Pedro to Chelsea”.

If at all this is true, which I doubt, I will say the Dutchman is clinging to a straw. But, if it is true, I will hail the man as a true tactician on and off the field.

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Based on reports that emerged at the wee hours of Friday night that Manchester United are set to make a move for Brazilian superstar Neymar, fans have taken to twitter to question the credibility of such news, the social media have been imploding with excitement and scepticism from football fans about the authenticity of such news.

Louis van Gaal, further went on to say that, it was he that rejected Pedro when the Spaniard decided to move to Chelsea instead of Old Trafford as originally thought, and it turns out this may indeed be the case, and Ed Woodward flew out to Barcelona to talk about a move for Neymar and not Pedro.

A crafty plan one must say, well whichever way it goes, like i said, every news from the transfer market is to be held with a frail touch, do have a nice day.


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