How on earth did Mourinho do it? Spending only 60 seconds to convince Pedro to sign.


After the humiliation at Etihad Stadium,  the Chelsea board and coach swung into action and transacted some serious business.

Transactions that brought in two players from Barcelona and Augsburg,  a winger and left-back respectively.

The Blues manager, Jose Mourinho made a good use of this week to harness efforts to improve Chelsea, convincing Pedro to sign from Barcelona in a one minute conversation.

With Chelsea playing West Brom this weekend, Pedro could make his debut at the Hawthorns.

Mourinho became aware of the availability of the Spain forward on Monday and Chelsea signed him for £21million on Thursday, swooping swiftly for a player Manchester United had pursued for around a month.

The World Cup winner joined Baba Rahman, a left-back signed from Augsburg, in moving to Chelsea in the wake of the loss at City.

“For me, it was one minute,” said Mourinho, before recalling the conversation.

“‘Is it true that you want to leave Barcelona?’ ‘Yes, it’s true. I love it here. It’s my home, but it’s time for me to move.’ ‘Did you sign already for another club?’ ‘Almost, but not yet.’ ‘Do you want to come here?’ ‘Yes, I want.’

“I told people in the club ‘it’s over to you’. (But) I thought he would never leave Barcelona.”Manchester United

The former Real Madrid boss has acrimonious history with Barcelona.

“Maybe I insulted him or he insulted me. But, for football people, that’s not a problem,” Mourinho said.

“It’s a problem for non-football people. In football, people forget.”

Further signings could follow, if the chance arises before the September 1 deadline.

“People used to call it the transfer window. I sometimes call it the opportunity window,” Mourinho added.

“While the window is open there is always an opportunity.”


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