Catholic Bishop Of Ondo Condemns Pro-Gay Countries


Most Rev. Ayodeji Arogundade, the Catholic Bishop of Ondo Diocese has stated the stand of the Nigerian church against gay marriage and further condemned nations that have gone ahead to legalize the act.

“Whatever the western world becomes today is just for a while, no nation will take such step they are taking and not crumble. I commend African governments for rejecting this.

“We are a people of values. Once you lose your values, you are no longer human beings. We value our culture, value respect for elders and we also have respect for our bodies.

“Once you lose your value, you lose your identity. Unfortunately, some western countries have lost their identities because what is really happening in the west today is a crisis of identity.

“When a man longer recognises that he is a man, and thinks he is a woman, that is identity crisis. When a country gives certificate to a man and a man that are getting married, that country has lost its sense of identity.

“We must continue to emphasise that the problem of the western world is as a result of a loss of identity.”

This he said at the Bicentenary Service in memory of Don Bosco, in Ondo state.

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