Yobe: 60 Dead In Bokoharam Attacks


Not less than 60 have been confirmed dead by a local vigilante, in an attack by Bokoharam in Yobe state on Tuesday.

In Kukuwa – Gari in Gulana LGA of the state, some of the inhabitants died by gunshot wounds while others drowned in an attempt to flee the carnage.

“Most of the villagers were drowned in the river which was flooded by the downpour while others were shot dead by the terrorists. The terrorists invaded Kukuwa-Gari village and its environs on motorcycles and trucks and started shooting at every possible target.

“Some of us in the local vigilance group and some security officials could not withstand the Boko Haram terrorists’ firepower as they were over 50 and were heavily armed,” said Abubakar Aliyu, a local vigilante.

However the police have claimed they were aware of the attacks and we’re involved in repelling the insurgents but they have refused to confirmed the death toll.

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