Pastor Caught By Wife, Having Sex With Church Member

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Mrs. Doris Oseni, wife of Prophet Femi Oseni has asked a court in Ondo state to dissolve their marriage of 12years on the grounds of adultery.

Mrs. Oseni accused her husband of having affairs with his church members, the height of which was her catching him in the act.

“Recently, after several days of abandoning me, I traced my husband to his church in a village not far from Ondo town. On getting there, I met him on the floor of the church office with one of the women in the church. They were having sex.” she said.

She claimed his attitude changed when the couple were childless for 7yrs. The prophet, however, pleaded that the marriage not be dissolved as he was still in love with his wife.

President of the court, Joshua Adunbi, resolved that both parties were free to marry whomever they please and that N2500 should be paid back to the Prophet, as a return of the bride price.

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