Britney Spears Dreams Of Becoming A Movie Star


Britney Spears dreams of becoming a movie star or so she confesses to‎ E! News’ during an exclusive chat at the Teen Choice Awards.

From her announcement last week — ‎she’ll be appearing on ‘‎Jane the Virgin‎’ — we know Brit is already taken steps towards actualising her dreams. 

While, Brit’s movie career has been limited and far in-between, Spears admits she wouldn’t mind some more work on the big screen. “I would love to,” she said. “I could dream. I would love to be a movie star.”

‎Being a start  aside, Spears’ hands are full with mommy duties to take care of.

Her sons Sean Preston and Jayden’s joint birthday party is coming up next month, when asked her plans the popstar said, “We love skateboarding so we’re probably going to rent out a skate park.”‎

Spears is very proud of her little boys as: “My kids are deejays,” ‎”They’re both in their rooms deejaying 24/7 and making up their own music.”‎

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