Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris offered $10m to shoot underwear ad together?


Armani is eager to take advantage of Hollywood’s cutest that we ‎can’t quite get enough of.

‎Armani bosses reportedly offered a whopping $10 million to Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris to appear for an underwear photo shoot.‎

‎Yahoo! News reports‎ that the giant designer brand is “desperate” to get the A-list couple on their team for it’s new ad campaign. Experts say the offer came up after the ‎success of Calvin’s recent shoots as the male face of the company’s briefs.‎

The ‎bosses reportedly saw great potential in the potential “Talvin” couple campaign and it has been ‎likened to the David and Victoria Beckham‘s intimate shoot for Armani in 2009. ‎

A source told the Daily Star newspaper: ‘Armani bosses reckon Taylor and Calvin could emulate the success of the David and Victoria adverts. 

‘The Taylor offer is initially around the $10m mark but that sum could then triple with global promotion if the campaign is successful. Taylor and Calvin are the hottest thing on the planet right now. Calvin’s adverts have done really well and helped the brand reach a different audience.’ ‎

The only hitch‎ in the budding million dollar deal seems to be from Taylor’s team who have spent a lot of time cultivating her good girl image.

The source added: ‘The offer is on the table and it is now up to Taylor’s team to see if it is the right thing to do for her image.’

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