Nicki Minaj concert ends early after fans are Pepper Sprayed‎ in a fight‎


The Concord, California leg of Nicki Minaj’s “Pinkprint Tour” concert‎ ended early on Friday — which as we know is bad for a concert. 

A ruckus‎ broke out in the audience at the Concord Pavilion when apparently some people started pushing to get closer to the stage during the rapper’s set. As expected, in a. Crowd of that magnitude it escalated into a full-on fight between several people. At some point, an innocent bystander was pepper sprayed by mistake.

Barbie invited the Barbz “that just got sprayed with Mace in her face” to come on stage. Nicki gave her a warm embrace, and got the woman water for her eyes. Sadly, the star allegedly refused to continue the show, without further ado and no explanation on social media either.

Nevertheless, the ever loyal Barbz tweeted several messages praising the concert, one who wrote, “I had THE most amazing time tonight!” which Minaj retweeted.

Minaj recently took to instagram to thank her Vancouver Barbz for coming out on Sunday.

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