“Can’t wait to reveal our lil secret”: What secret is Nicki Minaj talking about


Nicki Minaj once known for her candour has formed a really nasty habit of stringing us along.

The Hiphop barbie posted a photo few hours ago, actually Nicki tried to distract us by first putting a video of her and controversial BF ‎”spend our days off.” It was kind of hard for us to move past Nicki in a thong and Meek stretched out on what looks like a massage table, while Nicki goes rum-tum-tum-tum on his back with her a**.

Fortunately, we prevailed and moved to her next post and Jackpot!‎

Nicki flaunted ano‎ther photo with her boo, check out the caption: “‎When u & bae rent out the entire theatre to watch #StraightOutttaCompton with the team

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