Christine ‎Ouzounian Engaged? Ben Affleck’s Nanny Mistress Reportedly Engaged During Affair


Was Ben Affleck’s alleged mistress ‎engaged while she was allegedly sneaking around with Jennifer Garner’s ex‎? 

Well, that’s the juicy gossip that is making rounds online. Different tabloid magazines claims that Christine Ouzounian;‎ the woman believed to be behind Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s divorce was actually engaged to someone else.

An insider who spoke to‎ Ok! magazine claims that Ouzounian was linked to Christoph Albury — a commercial lobster fisherman in the Bahamas — when she was said to be sleeping with Affleck. ‎According to the New York Daily News‎, ‎Albury proposed to Ouzounian in 2013, and later that year, a picture of the couple made it to Facebook, with Christine flashing her engagement ring for the camera. Another picture surfaced from July 2014, showing the couple cozied up together, with Christine again flashing her diamond.

Ok! Magazine’s Friday issue also featured the story. 

‎According to rumours the couple was still together‎ as of July 2014, sources claim that Ouzounian’s fiance didn’t want her to take the nanny work, he worried that she’d prefer the glitzy and glam of Hollywood to his quiet beach life. According to the insider, “Christoph had been afraid he would lose her when she started nannying for celebrities.”

A neighbor described Albury as a “descent guy, nice and quiet.” “I used to see them hanging around. I don’t know what happened,” he said. “This island life isn’t for everyone. It can be quite boring. There are no shopping malls and everything closes at 6 p.m. If you’re not from here, it’s hard to adjust. It’s a totally different lifestyle,” he continued.

This news is following in the wake of the news that the ex-nanny is a soon-to-be mother, who drives a very expensive Lexus.

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