Four Dead From Helicopter Crash In Lagos


The Helicopter which crash landed into the Lagos lagoon on Wednesday has been identified to belong to Bristow. The chopper was carrying 10 people at the time the incident occurred and following rescue services from local fishermen, fire service and NEMA, only six people survived with varying degrees of injuries.

According to an eye witness, “This afternoon around 3pm, I saw the chopper struggling to find a safe place to land. Suddenly, it nose-dived and I didn’t see it again. I rushed down to the scene. I saw two survivors swimming out of the lagoon.”

However, the Chairman of the boat services in the lagoon area, Alhaji Rasaq stated how the search and rescue began, “Initially, the aircraft wanted to land on a two-storey building, but moved forward and crashed inside the lagoon. I called my boys instantly and notified the DPO of the station. We rescued six people alive while four were dead.”

The chopper was said to have been returning to the Murtala Mohammed Airport from an Oil rig when the accident happend. The dead victims are yet to be identified.

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