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And so Dieziani Allison-Madueke has got a serious illness? Her family has been quick to point that out to the world that the former petroleum boss has got a failing health. We are yet to see cogent proof to back that up however, because we can never tell with these politicians and their never-ending theatrics to manoeuvre the law and justice. I am not saying she isn’t ill neither am I accusing her of any act of crime but it is just a two way coin isn’t it? We wish her a speedy recovery if this is true.

Speaking of illnesses, yet another controversial story surfaced in the week of the illness and supposed death of the grand ruler of the ancient Ife kingdom, Oba Sijuwade the Ooni of Ife. He monarch was said to have been flown to London following an illness that left him unconscious, whence the news of his death in a British hospital emerged.

However, a day after this breaking news made rounds, his council of Chiefs known as the Royal council issued a statement debunking every word on the street that the Ooni had joined his ancestors in the great beyond. In fact, the statement was detailed enough to add that the Ooni was even preparing for his son’s wedding coming up very soon, but yet again, there are no recent pictures or videos or recent public sightings to disprove the death of the king.

As fear still grips the hearts of the citizens of Osun state who have even quickly associated the ongoing Oro festival with a supposed rights of passage ceremony for the late monarch.

The president of Nigeria paid a courtesy call to the president of Cameroon in the week, both countries sharing certain identical problems in common , had a lot to discuss. From issues ranging from Bokoharam to boundary demarcation. Reports have it that both leaders appear to share a mutual understanding of the other and are eager to set the ball rolling in the total annihilation of the terrorism scourge.

As Nigerian state workers still find it difficult to receive there duly earned wages and salaries owing to the backlog of salary payments by many states in the country, it is quite shocking and simultaneously motivating to hear one the governors, Obiano of Anambra state, announce the increment in salaries he wishes to effect. A laudable achievement for the governor while his counterparts still battle their demons and are even considering either slashing salaries or downsizing workers.

Join us next week for a recap of the major happenings of the week, same time only here on Cheznew.

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Mba Martinez is a writer and a political analyst who will always go the extra mile to bring you insight on the recent happenings in African news and politics.

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