Is Beyonce Finally Pregnant With Baby Number Two With Jay-Z?


Could Beyonce finally be getting her answer to have baby number two?‎! 

Beyoncé, 33, and her hubby Jay Z‘s, 45,‎ have been subjects of divorce rumours for months now‎, and the main reason for all their fighting was rumored to be their fertility woes. ‎It’s no secret that Beyonce has been experiencing some difficulty providing a baby brother or sister for daughter Blue Ivy. Earlier this summer reports hit the internet claiming that she was undergoing IVF treatments – and it looks like they were successful.

This week’s OK! Magazine reports that Beyonce and Jay-Z have another baby on the way, and the singer is finally pregnant. A source close to the couple opened up to OK! Magazine saying, “Even though she is barely showing, she is paranoid that someone will pick up on it, so she is hiding her stomach whenever she is out. They have gone through so much to get here that they don’t want to jinx it by telling everyone before the three month mark.”

While it is hard to picture Queen Bey scared of anything, you can’t blame her really considering her ‎painful history of miscarriage before‎, which she discussed openly at the time.

Beyonce and Jay-Z want to announce their goodnews in their own time and way — if you are remembering Bey’s method of announcement back in 2011 when Bey was pregnant with Blue, and ripped open her shirt on stage during a concert, to expose her baby bump after months of pregnancy rumors followed her, then you can’t help be as excited as us.

If the baby rumours are true then it’s safe to say that Beyonce and Jay-Z have probably giving up talk of divorce for talk of baby cloths and what colour to paint the nursery. 

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