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Welcome back folks to another episode of ‘In your shoes‎,” we are going to discuss our starlets penchant for trouble, how they can’t seem to help but make some bad choices which almost always comes back to hunt them — at least in our opinion. 

We stepped into this week with a bet, Mavin Boss and Hkn boss went head-to-head and placed 5million on their beliefs. What were they betting on you ask? Well, a video game.

As you might have guessed, fans went crazy, accusing the stars of being a tad trifle with money while there is so many worthy cause to pour it into. Anyway, Davido not being one to care, didn’t care but Don Jazzy withdrew from the challenge to appease his fans.

Now! While that isn’t a bad choice, if i were in Don Jazzy’s shoes since i and Davido have 5million to spend, why not up the stakes instead of with drawing make it worthy: loser invests 5 million into any charity of the winner’s choice. That way, you win, a lucky charity wins and fans love you even more.

Still on that, one point to Davido ‎and Wizkid.
With all the award shows going on, it must be hard not to fall back on the old hate, as it is unavoidable that this two former arch rival be pitted against each other but they have managed to make sound decisions up till now and keep it real.‎

I don’t think we have to call Timaya on his bad choices seems some of them are already coming back to hunt him. 

The controversial singer was smacked with a rape allegation from a woman he slept with in America. Timaya’s case is simple, if i were Timaya i wouldn’t sleep with a strange woman especially not few days‎ after my baby mama just blessed me with another baby.

Can someone please give HKN boss some parenting pointers, who goes out and buys a baby air jordan ‎sneakers? 


1. I am very sure the little munchkin doesn’t care if it’s 2015 air Jordan or regular a** sneakers.
2. Those shoes look too heavy and too big for a baby whom last i checked is barely 3months old. 
3. If i were in Davido’s shoe i would return those expensive as hell shoes and buy myself some parenting books.‎

I have no words for Snoop Dogg concerning his arrest in Sweden but on his instagram rant, i say, if i were‎ in Snoop’s shoes i wouldn’t brand it racial profiling, it’s more a Snoop profiling. 

You can’t tell a country where marijuana is banned not to be weary and suspicious when the all time MJ king steps foot into the country. They had every right to stop you Snoop, in fact if they hadn’t then the whole world would have questioned that.‎

The whooper of all bad decisions coming from Hollywood’s ‘Law & Order’ director, Jace Alexander.

The director who is currently facing charges and a long vacation in jail if prosecuted for ‎”promoting and possessing an obscene sexual performance by a child.” ‎

He is just a bundle of walking bad choices, so i won’t bother delving into that, ‎but i would say if he was so interested in porn and getting it to interested parties, why didn’t he just divert into directing one?

Another earth shaking one would of course ‎come from a member of the Kardashian/Jenner dynasty.

Like all things Kylie, i would start by saying, “Slow down.” Rumours claim the baby of the house wants to tie the knot on her 18th birthday. InTouch Magazine claims, “Kylie accepted Tyga’s proposal a few weeks ago,” and although Kylie has said a ring on her right hand doesn’t mean she’s married but we all know how the ‘Lip plump’ story went.‎

Kylie seems to be learning from big sister Kim and catching up fast. Her alleged wish to get married this early in life reminds everyone of ‎Kim Kardashian, 34, who eloped at the age of 19, but got divorced three years later.‎

The rumours of it‎ being a huge, TV wedding ‎also trips one down memory lane all the way back to 2011 when Kim Kardashian married NBA player Kris Humphries in a huge, over the top, spectacular affair that was filmed for the family’s reality TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians.‎‎

Problem is, is Kylie learning from Kimberly’s past mistakes or is history repeating itself? Guess we will just have to find out down the road. 

That’s it for today. Tune in next week, same time only on CHEZNEWS

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