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Hello my Darlings,

It’s Sunday once again and am here to give you reasons to make out time and kick back after a long week.‎


“TrainWreck” ‎shows Judd Apatow pitting his considerable directing chops in with Amy Schumer’s first time lead role actress shenanigans in a deeply felt, crack-me-up screenplay.‎

As a little girl, it’s been drilled into Amy (Schumer) at an early stage by her divorced dad (Colin Quinn) that “monogamy isn’t realistic”. Now she’s grown up and a magazine writer, Amy stuck by the rule and is enjoying what she feels is an uninhibited life free from stifling, boring romantic commitment while her sister, Kim (Brie Larson) outgrew that lesson, marrying a man who had a precocious kid from a previous relationship,‎‎

She finds herself in a bind as she starts to fall for the subject of the new article she’s writing, a charming and successful sports doctor named Aaron Conners (Bill Hader), Amy starts to wonder if her dad got it all wrong before. ‎Rated R for its strong‎ sexual content, nudity, and drug use‎, the charming dance number at the end makes the 2 hr. 2min run worth it.

VERDICT:‎ Almost a guarantee you will come out smiling 


So, i went in for a movie last Friday, missed the one i came in for, but came across this Tempting Fate‎, now, since it wasn’t an original option, i had absolutely no expectation when I went to see this movie, it was something to pass time. 

It turned out to be your typical nollywood film expect for the background in America and foreign actors. ‎And the poor accents of the Russian boss didn’t do anything to lighten up my excitement, but still i watched on.

Ramsey Nouah finally made my perseverance worthwhile with his impeccable and very believable acting, he totally absolved his character; Ugo, props to the script writer for giving Ramsey something good to work with. ‎Ramsey made the audience forget him and see him totally as his alter-ego, Ugo and that is the salt of any actor.‎

Props again for the heart tugging scene, when Chinedu found out what his brother and girl friend had done, his reaction was the most natural thing ever seen on Nigerian T.v, it wouldn’t be right not to‎ acknowledge Tiffany Denish Turner and Andrew Onochie for their part in this scene.‎‎

VERDICT:‎ Written, Produced and Directed by Kevin Nkem Nwankwor this movie gets a thumbs up for attempt.‎


Mad Women is an unbelievable waste of resources, Kelsey Lynn Stokes plays Nevada, whose mom (Christina Starbuck) runs for mayor of their small, rich town. Fortunately, the election is concluded before Dad (Reed Birney) is convicted of statutory rape after having sex with a 16 year-old at a John Fogerty / Jackson Browne concert. ‎

While her dad’s in the big house, Nevada sucker punches the creep who’s been leering at her every day on the tennis court (Eli Percy). Later, she’s lying on her mother’s bed listening to a story when she slowly begins to play with herself, initiating one of the least believable incestuous relationships in movie history.

Lest this synopsis make the film sound titillating or porn worthy, i have to say it is boring and filled with long, pointless conversations and unnecessary and unrelated diversions. Its hard to imagine what lead to the creation of such a holy mess. Nevada had the right idea when she told her sister via skype that, “Dad once told me that everyone’s life has one good movie in it. Not mine.” Mad Women, is THE bad movie in mine.‎

VERDICT:‎  -_-  do i really have to say more?!


Another music diva, dropped a video this week that is still giving us visual orgies. ‎Ciara‎ released the music video for her hit single “Dance Like We’re Making Love.” The video was only just released yesterday, and the internet is already going gaga over it.‎

Who wouldn’t go gaga over an image of Ciara laying in a pool, clad in only a white crop top, black leotard, and vibrant gold sunglasses, singing seductively with hand singals and body twitches worthy of Kamasutra. She rises from the water on a golden silk ribbon like a nymph. After a few seconds, she exits the pool and enters a mansion where the rest of the music video takes place.

As hinted by the title of the song, Ciara is incredibly sultry and sexy throughout the entity of the video, rocking every piece of clothing and lingerie that she wears, including or expecially her birthday suit which she strips down to at the end of the video‎.

Ciara’s sultry display may have definitely been one of the reasons that this video has become so popular online in such a short amount of time, but we are not so awed we didn’t notice a flaw or two.

The R’n’B goddess was on point voice and harmony wise, Cici held it together. ‎One of the only criticisms i have about this video is that Ciara’s dancing looked a bit stiff and forced. Her solo hip-hop dancing was fairly good, but the moves with her male partner did not look fluid or smooth at all, there was no chemistry and like the title we wanted/needed them to dance like they were making love but instead they came off looking like just another routine rehearsal. 

Again, the lion was cool and sexy, i mean who doesn’t want the king of the jungle as a pet but what was the point? The director should have removed or redirected the lion cause we really didn’t get his role.‎

VERDICT:‎ Ciara’s “Dance Like We’re Making Love” music video merges perfectly with the lyrics of the song and is quite cool.


“Ant-man” follows Scott Lang (Rudd) — an ‎ex con-man — who steals a high-tech, scalable supersuit built by retired scientist Dr. Hank Pym (Michael Douglas)‎ to help keep the world-changing invention out of the wrong hands.‎

‎Director Peyton Reed‘s film depicts a high-tech suit which allows it’s wearer to shrink in size but increase their strength and power. ‎Written by Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish, ‎Adam McKay and Rudd. The superhero film cost $130 million to produce.‎‎

The movie “Ant-Man” has been in the works since April 2006, but was put on hold to allow Edgar finish the screenplay for “The World’s End.” Casting commenced‎ in December 2013 with the hiring of Rudd to play Lang. However, in May 2014, the production experienced yet another glitch when Wright left the project due to creative differences. He still received screenplay and story credits alongside Joe Cornish.‎‎‎

The movie is expected to gain popularity due to Marvel’s well known marketing strength, and not for any claim on coherence and originality.‎

VERDICT: ‎same old super hero s***

That’s it for today, keep in mind these are just my opinions, hit the cinema or grab a copy and tell me what You think, till next Sunday on Cheznews.

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