Inside The Calabash With Martinez: The Re-insurgence

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2014 was one of the bloodiest years in Nigerian history , especially in the aspect of terrorism. A United Nations report placed the number of lives lost in 2014 alone to Bokoharam to be at least 2000. But as the elections drew closer, there was evidently a boost in the fight against insurgency, a surge in attacks and counter attacks by the Nigerian military. It was as though the missing strategy or intelligence in dealing with this menace had been found.

The terrorist network was almost brought to its knees and the reported cases of attacks and bombings significantly reduced to a record low.

It will also be recalled that even during the presidential elections, give or take, no reported case of bombings and insurgency attacks especially in the hot zones of North-eastern Africa, except for minor skirmishes in the South-East which were not categorically proven to be acts of terrorism.
And then then the president-elect emerged and given his past military history and the ample time he had in studying the studying the situation and state of the nation, many would expect that as he assumed office ,the concept of Bokoharam would be obliterated and become a figment of history.

However, AFP has stated that since May 29 , when president Buhari assumed office and two months after, the country has lost 625 people to Bokoharam attacks. All other things being equal, this figure will equate to 3750 deaths by the time the president celebrates one year in office. This figure is almost twice the number of lives lost last year.

To what should we attribute this ‘re-insurgence’ when we had started to believe the possibility of winning this war was possible? To answer that question , I dare opine that the terrorist group simply took advantage of what appeared to be a latency period in the government’s administration. As a friend rightly suggested, the service chiefs may have been confused, not clearly knowing if the new boss would retain of fire them hence they were caught between clearing their desks and taking assertive measures in the combat of insurgency.

But it is with hope that we wish against the manifestation of the above statistics as it shall not be a case of ‘ceteris paribos’ with the new appointments of service chiefs, Nigerians are hopeful that much better will be done in nipping off this cancerous bud in the Nigerian society.

And one more thing before we say goodbye on this week’s edition of Inside The Calabash; America, we are tired of your reiterating speeches of helping to combat Bokoharam. Do the needful if you want to.

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Mba Martinez is a writer and a political analyst who will always go the extra mile to bring you insight on the recent happenings in African news and politics.

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