Nigerian Airline Association Laments High Cost Of Operation

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The Airline Operators Association of Nigeria appears to have had it to the brim with the charges imposed on them by the government.

The association has chosen to speak out as the issue has become quite pressing. Speaking to the press in Abuja, the secretary, Mohammed Joji said, “The issue of multiple charges is a major challenge facing local airline operators, because the charges are so numerous and have significantly affected airlines’ operations.

“For instance, we pay five per cent charge for passenger’s ticket, which is a compulsory payment for every operator.

“For the operators to survive in the business, there is the need for the government to harmonise some of these charges in the overall interest of the sector.

“The charges are not good for the industry as a whole, and we urge the government to find ways of addressing this issue which has become a major challenge to us.”

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