FIFA sponsors issue fresh conditions.

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Sponsors Coca-Cola and McDonald’s have applied fresh pressure on FIFA to drive through meaningful reforms.

The remodelling of FIFA’s organisational structure is on the agenda for Monday’s extraordinary meeting of the executive committee in Zurich.

However drinks giant Coca-Cola, a World Cup sponsor since 1978, has called for independent leadership of the reform process in the wake of the FIFA corruption crisis.

Coca-Cola said in correspondence seen and reported by the BBC: “We believe that establishing this independent commission will be the most credible way for FIFA to approach its reform process and is necessary to build back the trust it has lost.

“We are calling for this approach out of our deep commitment to ethics and human rights and in the interest of seeing FIFA succeed.”

FIFA is engulfed in scandal amid investigations into corruption by United States and Swiss authorities.

Fast-food merchant McDonald’s also defined its future expectations of FIFA on Friday, urging it to raise its performance and conduct that gives it credibility with fans and sponsors alike.

McDonald’s said in a statement to “At McDonald’s, we know our customers around the world are passionate about football, and we share their enthusiasm. That’s why we’ve sponsored the World Cup globally for more than 20 years. But recent allegations and indictments have severely tarnished FIFA in a way that strikes at the very heart of our sponsorship.

“As a result, we have expressed our concerns directly to FIFA. We believe FIFA internal controls and compliance culture are inconsistent with expectations McDonald’s has for its business partners throughout the world. We are not satisfied with FIFA’s current handling of the recent incidents that go clearly against McDonald’s culture and values.

“FIFA must now implement meaningful changes to restore trust and credibility with fans and sponsors alike. The world expects concrete actions and so does McDonald’s.”

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