More Evidence Surface On The Joan River’s Lawsuit 


New court papers have been revealed in the ongoing legal battle between Joan Rivers‘ daughter, Melissa, and the New York City clinic accused of negligence in the comedian’s death‎ — and it isn’t looking good for the doctors — it confirmed that the doctors took a selfie with the 81-year-old as she lay unconscious.

This sickening detail was among a series of court papers made public Tuesday. Rumours have long circulated that Dr. Lawrence Cohen at Yorkville Endoscopy, where Joan had what was supposed to be an outpatient procedure, had taken a photo with the star while she was unconscious.

According to reports by Yahoo! Celebrity and the New York Daily News; Court papers suggest the act was actually recorded in ‎Joan’s medical records. The ‎Anesthesiologist, Renuka Bankulla took note of the ‎selfie with Rivers in clinic records — the medical examiner also included it in his report.‎

In an interview, ‎Bankulla confirmed the selfie rumours, as she said the invited physician, Dr. Cohen “took out his mobile phone and took photos of Dr. Korovin with (Miss Rivers).”

Melissa’s lawyers got a confirmation from the clinic’s own director admitting that several staff members who were in the room during the procedure corroborated that Dr. Cohen had snapped pictures with Joan.

The doctor denied taking any selfie, though the court papers also reveal his motive: he thought Joan would want to see the photos later. Unfortunately, the comedian never awoke from sedation.

In Melissa’s lawsuit, she’s accused the clinic of botching what should’ve been a simple endoscopy. The suit alleges that Joan’s vital signs plunged, and yet doctors did nothing, causing her to have a heart attack, suffer a coma, and then brain damage from lack of oxygen.

Joan Rivers died on September ‎4, 2014.

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