Obama Takes On Opponents Of Iran Nuclear Deal

Barack Obama: "Critics of the deal are at odds with 99 percent of the world.
Barack Obama:

Barack Obama: “Critics of the deal are at odds with 99 percent of the world.

President Barack Obama on Wednesday confronted critics of the nuclear deal reached with Iran, saying they were at odds with “99 percent” of the world and have failed to offer any real alternative. “If 99 percent of the world community and the majority of nuclear experts look at this thing and they say this will prevent Iran from getting a nuclear bomb, and you are arguing either that it does not or that even if it does, it’s temporary, then you should have some alternative,” Obama said. “And I haven’t heard that. And the reason is because there are really only two alternatives here,” he insisted. The issue is either resolved “diplomatically, through a negotiation, or its resolved through force. Through war. Those are the options,” he said. As part of the international charm offensive to sell the deal, the US State Department announced Secretary of State John Kerry would meet Thursday with Saudi Foreign Minister Abdel al-Jubeir in Washington. Kerry would also brief the diplomatic corps about the outcome of the talks in a closed door session. The agreement, signed on Tuesday after two years of talks, aims to roll back Tehran’s nuclear programme in return for lifting sanctions that have crippled the economy. At the United Nations in New York, Obama’s diplomats presented  a draft resolution to the UN Security Council to further codify the deal. The resolution would endorse  the agreement, call on the International Atomic Energy Agency to monitor Iranian facilities and allow for a Web of Security Council sanctions to be lifted.

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