Kenneth Minimah : The Army Under My Leadership

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The outgoing Chief of Army Staff, Lt Gen. Kenneth Minimah has talked about measures he took as a leader to give the Nigerian army a face lift.

“As I hand over today, I am happy to inform you that the Boko Haram terrorists’ insurgency is at a certain defeat.
“During my tenure, we were able to reclaim all territories earlier lost to the terrorists, sufficiently degrade their potency and reduced them to a band of criminals and petty thieves.
“Success did not come cheap. It came with the sweat and blood of all of us. In the face of unusual events, we had to take unusual actions.
“Some may adjudge us as being too strict especially in dealing with cases of cowardice and indiscipline in the field.
“But, we had to do what we must to arrest the drift towards chaos that the Army was heading. I am happy that the result in the field today justifies our actions.
“Today I am leaving behind an Army that can hold its own against any adversary without batting an eyelid. An Army that has vowed never again to concede any inch of Nigeria to terrorists. It is a legacy I am leaving behind and I implore you to sustain it,” he said.

Lt. Gen. Minimah was recently replaced by President Buhari in his service Chiefs reshuffling.

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