Bran Stark: A Little Goodnews For ‘Game of Thrones’ Fans


Good news for Wolf clan fans of “Game of Thrones,”‎ you guys deserve it, having suffered through little Arya’s travel across the sea only to be blinded and Sansa’s return home to a terrifying marriage, and Jon Snow’s death by a thousand cuts. 

You must have been worried sick about Bran Stark as he wasn’t featured in season 5 of “Game of Thrones.”

Well! Worry no more, the warg-in-training is a definite part of season 6. As actor, Isaac Hempstead-Wright ‎confirmed to the Irish Examiner Bran “has some interesting visions.” 

“I can’t say a lot but I am back this season, and it’s going to get particularly interesting with Bran.”‎

Hempstead-Wright spoke a little about all he missed this last season. On the topic of the (maybe?) death of his bastard brother, Jon Snow, who was murdered by his underlings at the Night’s Watch, the younger actor said:‎ “He’s said he’s not,” he said. “I wish he would because I love Kit and because the character’s so cool. Who knows? We start filming series six at the end of this month (July) so we’ll see.”‎

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