Sola Shobowale: ‎Yoruba actress cautions upcoming actresses against indecent dressing in Nollywood‎


Veteran Nollywood, actress, ‎Sola Sobowale‎ famous for her role as Tori Tomato of TV drama, ‘Super Story’‎ has returned to the scene in a new TV series ‘Nectar’.

The vivacious Sola was in an interview with Erave and she spoke out against indecent dressing in the movie industry, today. According to her actresses should be careful about their dressing as they are looked upon as role models.

“The norm amongst up and coming actresses or I can put them as actors is that they feel they can warm themselves around producers or movie directors to get roles. It is wrong because we as actors are role models to people around us and we have to understand how important it is for us to protect our chastity”, she said. 

The star of ‘Asewo To Re Mecca’ scolded her colleagues saying that Nollywood has gone past raunchy and risqué movies and urged them to strive for the classy.

“Some would reveal their cleavages even when it is not necessary or prefer to pick up roles where they can do raunchy or funny things to sell themselves. They should stop it because it doesn’t portray what the totality of acting is about. Movies and acting has gone beyond that. Remember the days of ‘Asewo To re Mecca’ and several other films we have made in Nollywood, we have grown past them. Now, we are seen as models for others who take a cue from what we do on screen,” she concluded.‎

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