Kim Kardashian is the current recipient of Sinéad O’Connor’s razor sharp tongue, apparently Kimmy earned it for her cover of Rolling Stone ‎magazine’s July issue.‎

On Tuesday night, Sinéad posted an expletive-laden rant about her on Facebook next to a phone screen grab showing the 34-year-old star’s cover photo.

“What is this c*** (“I don’t smile much because it causes wrinkles”) doing on the cover of Rolling Stone? Music has officially died. Who knew it would be Rolling Stone that murdered it? Simon Cowell and Louis Walsh can no longer be expected to take all the blame. Bob Dylan must be f***ing horrified,” wrote the‎ ‘Nothing Compares 2U’ singer

She ended the rant with a plea to her fans to “#BoycottRollingStone.”‎

Her post was received with mixed feelings from her fans, while some agreed with her, commenting: “Rolling Stone hasn’t been about the music for a long while now.” And “What happened to the musicians? Where is Sinead, The Pogues, The Cure, Kirsty MacColl etc? Come on folks at Rolling Stone, don’t erase these people from the history of rock / pop, !!!”

However, some weren’t quite comfortable with her approach and name calling, saying: “You know Sinead O’Connor I freaking adore you… however calling anyone the C word especially on social media, and especially given your status in the music world its disappointing.”‎

This isn’t the first time Sinéad has publicly bashed a fellow celebrity, she’s been known to come after Simon Cowell and his TV talent show ‘The X Factor’ and ‘Wrecking Ball’ crooner, Miley Cyrus. Both of who replied her but Mrs. West is yet to, then again Kimmy must eat this sort of thing for breakfast. 

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