Osun’s Failed Promises: Workers Recommence Strike

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The National Labour Congress of Osun State has called on all her workers to kick-start the strike action which was suspended on Monday.

The NLC reached an agreement with the government to call off the strike, in return, the salaries owed will be paid in full. However, it turned out that after the strike was suspended, many of the salaries were paid in halves, a development which is a breech in the memorandum of understanding signed by both parties.

The APC-led government has said that their intention was to meet the agreement of the MoU but for a reduction in the source where the money came from.

“In order not to disappoint the workers, the government thought that it is better to pay half and balance up later. I can assure you that the balance would be paid before the end of the week.

“You know that the government is yet to receive its own share of bailout from the Federal Government”.

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